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Junsu is love <3

Shari || xiahri ; you've always been my life

because we all learn how to fly

Hello there, I'm Shari a Filipino. 20 and single! yeah baby. I am a swimmer and I trained eversince I was five. I like reading Yaoi stuff or else I do not read at all. Many people mistake me for a boy because I like to wear boyish clothes, but i can be girly in some other way. 8D

I am madly in love with Dong Bang Shin Gi, and Kim Junsu is my boyfriend♥
He's the best singer I've known, and will remain.
I am probably the biggest Yoosu shipper, because I love them to death.♥
SHINee is also in my list and there is no doubt that I'm an Onkey shipper. And well yes Onew is my bias♥ Do you know DaeGukNamAh? If you do then we will click! The boys have totally made me fall for their cute and charming looks and beautiful voices. This is really weird because I love all of them equally, and which is why I don't have a bias. But I'm leaning more to Karam and Jihwan. XD Next on my list is ZE:A Children of Empire. I've been a fan since their debut; I love their humble hearts. My bias is Heechul and Junyoung♥ If you're an A+, I am too! I love the boys voices and I'm G.O biased♥ And lastly, If you're a noona, scream!!! lol. That's because I'm a TEEN TOP noona and I can't deny it; Chunji and Ricky are my biases♥

I write fics but I'm not really good, but you can read them and you be the judge. I also make icons and they are up for grabs. All graphics are in my graphics community, icebliss. Just dont forget to credit me. Credit either ilovessyou or icebliss

My fics are not locked, but my blog posts and rants are friends-locked. You see, I like friending everybody and I don't decline people. But I don't want people peeking through my life and judging me for what I write. I'm friendly and I don't bite so just add me up^^;;

If you are curious on how I look like, HERE is my picture. :D

so yeah, welcome to my lj! ^^;;